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January 29 - February 5, 2023

February is National
Black History Month

“I have to say I see myself as a bit of a race woman. By that I mean I think all the time about our country’s ongoing wrestle around diversity issues. In my opinion, we won’t live up to the potential we have as a country unless we confront the systemic issues of race which include class, public policy, religion, public education, poverty, etc. I’m taking a small bite out of the apple to write about some of these issues through the prism of protagonist who is African American and lesbian. I feel compelled to do that. I want the kernels of truth I present to be ideas that build up our empathy for each other. I know, without a doubt, that people across the globe have many of the same aspirations, hopes and goals. These universal desires, at a very primal level, connect us as human beings.”
~Cheryl A. Head, American author of mysteries in an interview with Greg Levin, at Scrawl Space, January 7, 2020


What's New
Launch Point Press is Changing Hands

After over eight years of helming Launch Point Press (LPP), it’s time now to hand it over to new owners who will be able to take it to the next level. I’ve inked a deal with Jodi and Peggy Zeramby. (Jodi writes under the pen name Jazzy Mitchell.) Effective Jan 1, 2023, Jodi and Peggy will assume publishing duties for LPP.

My books and I will stay on as a part of the press, and this change will allow me to get back to my own writing. Since Jodi and Peggy live near me, we’ll be able to collaborate in making a smooth transition for the dozen authors and their published and forthcoming work. I’ll also stay involved as a consultant and resource for the new setup. LPP has been a wonderful learning opportunity, and I’m delighted Jodi and Peggy are the new publishers because their integrity, energy, and competence are stellar. Please join me in welcoming them to the helm!

Jodi (R) with me at Taborspace, Portland, Oregon, before the Pandemic

A Great Time Was Had By All

The event yesterday at Taborspace put on by Literary Lesbians Present! was fantastic. Our readers: Jazzy Mitchell, Aliya Bree Hall, Sandra de Helen, Jessie Chandler, MB Panichi, and Judy Kerr were terrific. Looking forward to the next event sometime in February.

Front Row/Left: Sandra de Helen and our crack team of Raffle Professionals, Drake & Katie; Back Row/Right: Jazzy Mitchell, Jessie Chandler, Judy Kerr, MB Panichi, Linda Vogt, Aliya Bree Hall, and Lori L. Lake.
Updated 9/21/21
FINALLY! An event!

Please join us for an afternoon of fun in October!

New Books Returning


I'm delighted to report that little by little, all my print books are coming back into print! The ebooks have always been available, but over the years so many people have told me they wanted the physical copy!

Here are four of the new versions, re-edited, reformatted, and with new covers. I hope you like them!


GO HERE to see all my books.

Updated 7/17/21
It's Independence Day Weekend ~ 4th of July!

A great big thank you to the service women and men who protect our country at risk to their own lives. And with praise and gratitude to those who remain faithful to the ideals of this "Great Experiment": to maintain allegiance to the Republic and to foster one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.


CA Farlow and I got the opportunity to interview Edith Zeitlberger about her new book, FRACTURES & HINGES.

CLICK HERE to see the podcast!

There are many fantasic reviews at The Booklover's Companion. Check out all the terrific author discussions and appearances here.

New shout-out from Shoutout!!

My publishing company, Launch Point Press, was featured by SHOUTOUT a few days ago.

Click Here to Read All About It

Launch Point Press Website

Updated 3/25/22
New Glasses

Along with getting new glasses (now that my right eye is healing!), I have been cutting my hair all by myself since Covid hit, and I do believe I'm doing pretty well! The first time I accidently ran the clippers up the back of my head and balded myself! I tried to "even it out" and ruined the whole back of my noggin. Fortunately, my hair grows fast, but I was still forced to deal with wearing a cap for close to three weeks. By the third attempt, I had it down, and I do believe I will continue to do it even after the pandemic is over. That's $20-30 bucks I could be spending on books instead!

Updated 9/21/21
One of my favorite people on the planet and a great mystery writer, Ellen Hart, with me at Once Upon a Crime Mystery Bookstore in Minneapolis

Lee Lynch talks with me in THE ADVOCATE on "Lesbian Mystery, Police Raids, and Fairy Godmothers"
I had the great honor of doing an Advocate conversation with award-winning GCLS Trailblazer Lee Lynch.

CLICK HERE to check it out!

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A.J. Llewellyn at Dark Diva's Blog did an extensive interview with me. CLICK HERE to find out all my deep dark secrets. The interview shows up on the March 4 entry, and you will have to scroll down through a couple other interviews to get to it..

VIDEO INTERVIEW - With Jody Seay, the amazing interviewer at Oregon PBS's "Back Page" program, who sat down and talked to me for her weekly TV program with Pacific NW writers

CLICK HERE - for the interview with author Jae who has written so many wonderful novels

CLICK HERE to read an interesting discussion in the "Spotlight Interview" section that the gals at Ylva have been doing. Astrid Ohletz is a terrific interviewer!

Earl Kemp's online 'zine, eI, has featured a memoir piece I wrote called "There is No Reason Not To Trust that the Act of Writing Will Be Enough."
CLICK HERE if you'd like to read it.

MYSTERICAL-E featured a long interview with me about writing, creativity, book themes, etc. There are several great stories featured in this issue as well as other podcasts and interviews by a variety of terrific authors.

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